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Maersk Supply Service is a leading provider of global offshore marine services and integrated solutions for the energy sector worldwide. Our fleet and bundled services offer an unparalleled range of services to offshore energy players.

  • We serve the energy sector with a fleet of 44 vessels manned by more than 1,100 crew members and supported by around 200 onshore staff worldwide, Maersk Supply Service brings more than 50 years’ hands-on marine experience in performing complex operations at sea.
  • We operate worldwide and are present in all major offshore areas in Europe, from Southern Brazil to East Coast Canada, from Africa to Asia Pacific.
  • A broad scope of services and vessels are our core capability, which include the highest standards of quality and safety for planning and execution of marine projects – all within one clearly defined service agreement.
  • Our people are our greatest assets. Throughout our history, we have strived to set the industry standard in training and education. We are continuously developing our teams to meet the growing demands of the industries we support.  We believe in the tough offshore world, reliability and efficiency are the keys to success

We are at the forefront of changes happening in the industry. It is in our blood to meet the needs of our customers, and when the offshore business goes to new places –we want to be right there, helping to lay the groundwork. In line with this, we recently introduced a new Integrated Solutions business. Through our Integrated Solutions business we focus on closer cooperation with customers in order to best serve their needs. We want to target our proposition to the customer, whether the customer wants pure asset offerings or integrated solutions, including our assets

Services and core business

Our vessel services cover all areas of offshore supply services – from rig moves and anchor handling to iceberg management and pollution control. Read more about our vessel capabilities here. In addition to providing cost-competitive vessels that meet the highest standards of quality and safety, our bundled services include scoping, planning and execution of marine projects – all within one clearly defined service agreement. Read more about our bundled services here.

Our special focus area is high-end operations with the option of adding services and project management. For years, we have led the field in handling complex marine operations for clients.

We consider no challenge too great: whatever service you require, we have the experience and people to deliver a safe, reliable and cost-effective solution. In the high-end market, we offer a unique combination of powerful vessels, custom-made equipment and highly skilled crews.


Nothing is more important to us than having the trust of our customers. We are constantly talking to our customers to better gauge their needs so we can plan and optimise our service accordingly. 

We want our customers to sleep easy and with confidence that their offshore operation is in the best possible hands.

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Our motto is: "Different Cultures – One Team"


1967: Maersk Supply Service enters the offshore market as the first Scandinavian shipping company

1974: Maersk Supply Service is established as an independent business unit in the A. P. Moller - Maersk Group

1979: Becomes leading owner and operator in the field of large offshore support vessels with the delivery of the first anchor handling tug supply vessel of more than 10,000 BHP

1986: Delivery of the first anchor handling tug supply vessel over 15,000 BHP

1994: Enters cable market with the conversion of platform supply vessel "MAERSK FIGHTER" into a cable vessel

1995: Exits the market in anchor handling tug supply vessels under 10,000 BHP

1997: Delivery of the first anchor handling tug supply vessel over 20,000 BHP

1998: The first four dedicated cable vessels are ordered.

1999: World’s most advanced anchor handling simulator is established at Maersk Training

2000: Delivery of the first A-type anchor handling tug supply vessel over 23,500 BHP

2003: The first field and subsea support vessel is delivered. Anchor handling simulator is upgraded ¬with dynamic positioning systems

2008: Maersk Supply Service A/S is established as a separate limited company with its own dedicated HSEQ function

2010: Fleet renewal programme completed with the delivery of 18 new vessels, at an investment of more than 1 billion USD

2010: Maersk Offshore Simulator And Innovation Centre (MOSAIC) opens at Maersk Training. The industry-leading facility includes a state-of-the-art full mission bridge simulator

2011: Expanding fleet by ordering two anchor handling tug supply vessels.

2014: Expanding fleet by ordering 11 new-buildings - six anchor handling tug supply vessels and five subsea support vessels.